[Infographic] What to Do If You Are Arrested or Detained

Good people are arrested every day. The vast majority make mistakes during the arrest or while in custody, which can cause the situation to become even worse.

An arrestee’s actions are understandable. It is a terrifying time wrought with intense emotions. Ironically, cooler heads prevail in this situation, even though the criminal justice system does not support or facilitate that concept.

When you are facing criminal charges, your reputation and future are at stake. You should NEVER assume responsibility for a crime you did not commit! Nor should you make things worse for yourself by saying anything you will regret later.

Below, please check out this helpful infographic I created to help you or your family members facing arrest or detainment. Always speak to a New Mexico criminal law attorney for assured protection and legal advice.

[INFOGRAPHIC] What to Do If You Are Arrested

Fewer experiences are more frightening than being arrested. The most vital aspect to remember is that: a) you have the right to remain silent, and b) the right to an attorney.

Beware: these rights only protect you if you know about and use them! If you are detained or arrested, the best thing that you can do is to keep quiet until a lawyer represents your case.

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