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As a personal injury lawyer for Raton, New Mexico, I see bad things happen to hardworking, innocent people every day after sustaining accident injuries negligently caused by another person. While money does not restore your life to “whole,” it does help you pay for medical expenses, lost work wages, and the mental anguish you endured.

I am attorney Marc Grano, the founder of Grano Law Offices, P.C. I help clients in your situations hold parties accountable for their actions towards you or your loved one resulting in bodily harm or wrongful death matters.

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You do not have to face your detractors alone. Raton residents are invited to contact Grano Law Offices, P.C. for a free strategy session. You can request yours by calling 866-96JUSTICE or sending me a confidential message through my contact form.

No Upfront Fee for a Personal Injury Lawyer for Raton

You should not have to worry about paying for legal protection on top of mounting medical expenses. My firm takes cases on a contingency fee basis, which means I do not request an upfront retainer and only receive payment for my services upon making a financial recovery in your case.

Virtual Meeting Capabilities

It is not practical for everyone to travel to my Las Vegas, NM office due to current conditions or severe injury. As such, we can work together remotely while keeping you aware of new developments through video conferencing, telephone calls, email, and secure messaging.

Injured People in Raton Count on Fierce Personal Injury Representation at Grano Law Offices, P.C.

Personal injury laws, including wrongful death, allows accident victims or their survivors to file a compensation claim to pay for things like medical care, future losses, and mental anguish. Working with a personal injury attorney for Raton, NM helps you recover the much-needed cash flow to pay for your care.

Grano Law Offices, P.C. can represent you and your loved ones in matters involving:

You will have the reassurance in knowing that there is an attorney fighting  on your side throughout the entire claims process. Negotiating an out-of-court settlement or civil court award that compensates you adequately for your harm is a mission that I take to heart.

There Is Compensation for Injuries that Someone Else’s Negligence Caused You

The goal of a personal injury claim is to provide financial compensation for negligently injured parties. Every case that comes across my desk has different facts, merits, and theories, which means that what you can expect to receive depends upon the legal analysis and representation of your Raton personal injury lawyer.

In the past, Grano Law Offices, P.C. has successfully recovered compensation in personal injury and wrongful death matters for things like:

  • Past and current medical expenses
  • Predicted future medical bills
  • Travel to doctors’ appointments
  • Prescriptions, prosthetics, and medical device costs
  • Accessibility modifications to your home or car
  • Physical therapy
  • Psychological counseling
  • Lost wages and benefits for missing work
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Loss of life, in wrongful death cases
  • Lost future earnings
  • Property damages
  • Punitive damages
  • And more

Ultimately, I will gather and preserve evidence, like police reports, accident reports, photographs, video, audio, medical records, and communications, while working to prove the facts of your case using a tenacious and strategic approach. As your personal injury lawyer, I will get you the results you deserve under New Mexico law if you choose to hire my office.

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I charge inquiring minds absolutely nothing to learn more about their cases. Contact a personal injury lawyer for Raton at Grano Law Offices, P.C. by calling 866-96JUSTICE or sending me a confidential message through my secure contact form.

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Steps After Filing a Personal Injury Claim in New Mexico

Many people wonder what is involved in filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim in Raton, New Mexico. Your concerns are valid since this situation is not one that you likely face regularly.

Let me put your mind at ease by demonstrating what you can anticipate once you decide to contact a Raton personal injury attorney:

  1. Compile your records, if possible: Before contacting a personal injury attorney for Raton, NM, gathering medical records, insurance information, and police reports are helpful. However, I understand it is not possible to do so before calling, so do not stress out too much about this aspect.
  2. Call a personal injury lawyer for Raton: Your next step is to contact my office for your free strategy session. From there, we will talk about the possibilities regarding your case and what to do to move ahead. Your inquiry and subsequent discussion remain entirely confidential.
  3. Analyse and Prepare Your Case: We will obtain all medical records, police reports, photographs, videos, audios, accident reports and conduct a thorough case analysis. We will ensure that you complete all recommended medical treatment prior to completing the anlysis and determining what your case is worth.
  4. Negotiations begin: Once we agree to work together, I will initiate the process by negotiating with the insurance company to obtain a fair settlement on your behalf. This process can take a few months to resolve, but you might be relieved to know that 96 percent of personal injury matters settle out-of-court.
  5. Go to civil court, if necessary: When the going gets tough, Grano Law Offices, P.C. is not intimidated to take your case to trial if a reasonable settlement offer is not extended to you. Insurance companies will try their hardest to prevent paying you what your case is worth, and when that happens, it is time for them to face the courtroom.
  6. Obtain a decision: Whether you receive a settlement or jury trial award, the outcome of your case is my top priority. Since I work on contingency fees, and not a traditional retainer, you have reassurance in knowing that I am working hard to earn your business and trust every step of the way.

As you can see, the claims process is relatively straightforward. However, there is a limited time to act due to New Mexico’s statute of limitations on personal injury claims. The timeline is even shorter for wrongful death matters. Contact a personal injury attorney for Raton to avoid missing this critical deadline.

There Is No Upfront Cost to Receive My Legal Help

If you are ready to initiate the claims process, contact a personal injury lawyer for Raton, New Mexico for your free strategy session at Grano Law Offices, P.C. You can request yours by calling 866-96JUSTICE or sending me a confidential message through my secure contact form.