How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer in New Mexico Charge?

Injury victims may forgo seeking legal advice due to the perception of the cost when it comes to legal services. After all, lawyers do not carry a representation for being “cheap,” especially personal injury lawyers.

These are professionals who assume legal responsibility for the issues that are causing you financial, mental, and physical losses. In addition to this ethical duty of care, your personal injury lawyer in New Mexico will also use his or her resources to establish and prove the facts of your case.

However, instead of charging you upfront, he or she may offer alternative payment arrangements, as I use at Grano Law Offices, P.C., to ensure that the cost of legal care does not prevent you from receiving it.

How Do Lawyers Bill for Their Services?

There are several ways that a lawyer will bill for his or her services. The way that we bill them largely depends upon the type of law we practice.

In general, the most common ways that attorneys bill for their services include:

  • Retainers
  • Hourly rates
  • Subscription-based
  • Contingency fees

Retainers and hourly rates are generally reserved for matters involving criminal, family, and corporate law. Subscription-based legal fees are offered to businesses.

However, contingency fees are an excellent solution for clients who have a personal injury claim. I describe how contingency fees work in the next section.

What Contingency Fees Do Lawyers Charge?

As a personal injury lawyer serving Las Vegas, NM, and surrounding areas, I take injury cases on a contingency fee agreement. It is a payment arrangement that allows my clients to have cash available to pay for their regular bills while ensuring that they have a results-driven lawyer in their corner.

As a New Mexico personal injury lawyer offering a contingency fee agreement, I do not recover my attorneys’ fees and civil out-of-pocket costs unless I win your case.

Instead of you having to cover the costs of depositions, expert testimony, arbitration, court costs, and more, I will assume this liability for you and then recuperate my costs when you recover money.

The contingency fee arrangement works well for clients who want to know that their attorney is working for results under a convenient legal fee structure.

Do Personal Injury Lawyers Ever Charge Hourly?

Some situations exist where a personal injury lawyer will charge clients by the hour. However, it is a rare billing method and reserved for specific circumstances.

If you decide to hire my firm to represent you, I will provide full transparency concerning how much I will charge. It is unethical to not offer a clear understanding of what legal clients should anticipate.

Contact a Northern New Mexico Personal Injury Lawyer for More Information

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