Proof that My Work, Works

DWI Case

Client was pulled over and charged with a DWI. I used my experience to get his charge down to careless driving, a less harsh penalty.

Charges Reduced

Second Chance Given

Client faced charges that were brought on dishonestly and unlawfully, potentially ruining his and his family's futures for no reason. I thoroughly examined the evidence and managed to get his charges completely dropped in a few short months.

Charges Dropped

From a Sure Conviction...

My client was not feeling hopeful about his charges. After working hard to fight for his rights, I managed to get his case dismissed, alleviating the conviction that he was sure he was facing.

Dismissed Case

DWI Charge

My client was wrongfully accused of driving a commercial vehicle under the influence while traveling through Las Vegas, New Mexico. Not only did I win him a dismissed case, but he didn't need to come back from his home in Texas for court.

All Charges Dismissed

From Jail to a Clean Slate

Because my client was serving jail time, his wife brought me into the picture and I immediately got him released. Because of my persistence, I was able to get his charges dropped before the case went to trial.

Charges Dropped Before Trial