5 Misleading Things An Insurance Adjuster Might Say After An Accident

Insurance companies are in the business to meet the guidelines of their policy. However, the definition of meeting their policy varies by opinion and limits itself to the best knowledge of the insurance adjuster processing your claim.

They also receive in-house training that teaches adjusters to use tactics that mitigate financial exposure to the company. Simply put, you can say the insurance company does not necessarily have your best interests at heart.

Even more challenging, the terms and conditions specified in your original agreement may use highly technical, specific language that makes it nearly impossible for most people to reasonably understand. This reason is one of many that makes working with a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas, NM and surrounding areas help you ease the burden of receiving the compensation you deserve.

Forgoing this option means that you will likely have to contend with the following misleading things that an insurance adjuster might say after an accident:

1. You Will Get Nothing If You Reject Their Offer

Telling a customer that the insurance company will not provide you with benefits if you reject their offer is most likely an outright lie. The insurer has to work with you in good faith and fair dealing to pay for a claim through which you have benefits.

2. The Insurance Adjuster Is an Ally

Building trust and rapport is another stealth technique that insurance adjusters use to lure customers into a false sense of safety and security. They will earnestly say that they are on your side, even though this assertion is most likely false.

3. You Will Get More Money for Your Case by Trusting Them

When it comes to determining how much your case is worth, the only person who can advise you of this estimate is a New Mexico personal injury lawyer. If the insurance adjuster starts saying things like they can get you more than an attorney, take it as a sign that they are worried about the actual value of your claim.

4. You Must Provide a Statement

Remember this one thing: an insurance adjuster can use anything you say as evidence to assert the “facts” of your case. You cannot and should not make statements to him or her without carefully considering the implications first.

5. You Have a Pre-Existing Injury or Condition

Saying that you have a pre-existing injury or condition is another common tactic that insurers use to deny your claim. It is a valid reason, but it does not necessarily apply to your case.

Again, the only person who can determine if you have a valid claim based on a new injury is your doctor. Get his or her opinion first before believing an insurance adjuster who represents the interests of the insurance company and not you.

You Have a Right to Speak with a New Mexico Personal Injury Lawyer First

If you were injured in a New Mexico accident, speaking with a personal injury lawyer serving Raton, Santa Fe, Santa Rosa, Espanola, Las Vegas, Pecos, Clayton, Albuquerque, and San Miguel County and surrounding areas will help you understand how to approach insurance companies.

You can request an initial case strategy session with Grano Law Offices, P.C. today by calling 505-587-8649 or sending me a request through my online contact form.

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