State Criminal Defense Lawyer in Las Vegas, New Mexico

State Criminal Defense

Anything from petty crime to a serious felony can land you in a criminal court. Criminal charges are serious, and you need someone in your corner who can tell you how it’s likely to go from beginning to end. The details matter, from the prosecutor to the judge to the law enforcement officers involved, and I understand the nuances of the courts in our community. If the case is not settled and goes to trial, you will want a defense attorney who has worked with your particular type of case before. And while you obviously need a lawyer who doesn’t back down, you also need one who isn’t so aggressive that he or she misses important details and facts of the case that could lead to a not guilty verdict or even a dismissal of charges. You deserve personal attention from an attorney committed to fighting for you. We aggressively investigate every case and offer an experienced, no-nonsense defense to our clients.